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Religious Studies
Danny M.Pincivero

Pillars of Islam Shahada - bearing witness of God and Prophet, not just believing - recite very often - not just bearing witness to God, but first eliminating all false Gods - God is one and unique so response to God must be to only to one God and must be unique Salat - derived from word meaning to link or join ---> when person prays creates link to God - before prayer perform wadhu, ablution ---> wadhu can be broken - may need major ablution, ghusl (taking shower) - in situations of no water can use ground/more symbolic wadhu - 5 daily prayers - face towards Mecca - prayers for dead. natural causes (fear), friday prayer - muslims must have intention of attaining closeness to God before beginning prayer - clothes must be clean -place or prayer must be clean, highly recommended to pray in musjid - standing, rukhu, sajjdah (prostration) are three position of each unit in prayer - always better to pray in congregation - adhan is call to prayer - no clergy in Islam anyone can lead - separation of genders between genders during prayer Zakat - tax - 2.5% of saving to the poor - a poor person described as someone without enough earning for one year expenditure Sawm - required fasting during ramadhan - islamic calendar is lunar, 11 days shorter than current calendar based on sun - purpose of fasting is to inject spirituality - travellers, ill, children, pregnant... are exempted - made obligatory after muslim migrated to Medina - a way a disciplining desires - ends with Eid-al-Fitr - many voluntary things done by muslims, fin
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