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Religious Studies
Mark Rowe

Tale Of The Heike (Christianity) th In the 9 century, Kyoto had a population of 100,000? • Tale of Genji was written around that period (first novel ever?) • Court reaches pinnacle in the early 11 century, establishes more power, but tension is increasing. Fujiwara Clan (Nakatomi) are one of the most powerful families in Japanese history. • Power is centralized in Kyoto but families collect taxes around towns to give to Kyoto. • Government (emperor) gives land to families to separate; military families are created to enforce a tax system. Emperor begins to resent the Fujiwara clan because he is jealousy. • Taira Clan and the government fight against the Minamoto (Genji) and Fujiwara clans. • Taira no Kiyomori beats the Minamoto clan; he begins to rule over behind the face of the emperor. • Minamoto no Yoritomo retreats and begins to gather troops with his half-brother Yoshitsune to fight the Taira clan once more. • Taira Clan are defeated at the battle of Dan no Ura • All of these stories are gathered in the Tale of the Heike. Tale of Heike: Things appear, things disappear, things are not constant (rise and fall) • Heike tells the samurai about their motives, fueled by their bravery and courage from the Heike • Personal loyalty and absolute devotion, willingness to sacrifice own’s life for a lord or teacher, determination to fight to the death rather to surrender. Benkei was a warrior monk and wants to collect a thousand swords; Yoshistune fights Benkei for the thousandth sword, and Benkei underestimates him and loses. •
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