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Buddhism Arrives In Japan Koreans and Chinese also brought their Buddhist culture to Japan through trade and commerce. Buddhism was established through India and China already, in Japan, the religion is old and full of religious things. Religion moves in various ways, through texts and trade. • Buddhism enters Japan as a superior form of ritual technology, not as a religion or philosophy. • Superior form of magic beats out Shintoism, due to the introduction of Buddhism in Japan. Major events of Buddhism in Japan (600 CE) • At 552CE, Paekche sents statue; Soga no Iname establishes a chapel. Mononobe and Nakatomi clans oppose Buddhism. • At 577CE, Paekche sends monks, nuns, and craftsmen • Buddhism and local kami worship are both established in court. • Soga family holds all the power in court, emperors are chosen based off Buddhism. • Leading families are still independent of the courts and religion. Shotoku Taishi is connected with the Soga family and is known for establishing the first Japanese constitution. • English meaning: Virtue Sage • Father of the Japanese State and Japanese Buddhism The main purpose of sutras is to tell stories about Buddha and to “evangelise” the Buddhist religion to other people. • Sutras tell the reader about the great life they have with the
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