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Atomic Bomb Lecture

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Religious Studies
Mark Rowe

- Truman true to his word dropped a second bomb three days later - Immediate death is 120 thousand people - Impact individuals memories (things kids saw as little kid) - Japan says that its finished apologizing and don’t even think they should apologize - Japan are given textbooks about Hiroshima and how it should be teaching it to kids - Japan was bombed three times – some say - More thingg about the bombs that were dropped o One thing that Truman said that wasn’t in the recording, totally destroying the enemys abilities to make war. It is the harasenning the basic of the universe – the productivive power of the sun. o Interesting language to describe a weapon - Memory is not set, that memory is always being formed and should be continued being reformed. It’s as fluid as you want to make it in the present. Capture the truth of it so it never happens in Japan agin - Three ways in before and after the bombing has been passed down in Japan o Comic: barefoot gin. Manga from 1973. It was 2000 pages all together. Made into anime and TV shows. Based on the authors experience who survived the war. Story of Gin and the period about leading to the bombing and after – Japan is not one ay of thinking. Gin’s father is anti – military. They’re out casted by others (not like Bakuran) due to this.  This shows what a powerful media it can be – there are things that they can talk about that some other media cannot (pop culture) o Hiroshima peace museum and added video dairies and have ten different people tell you about the day (added after being remodeled).  The fire is so hot that it burned the shadow of the person sitting there to the wall – still haven’t out the proper monument – it ties you to specific story with those little moments that bigger things can’t do o Godzilla  Made in 1944 in Japan and then released heavily edited for America in 1966  A
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