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Religious Studies
Mark Rowe

Pilgrimage: Prayer and Play Increased transportation within the Edo Period, meaning that daimyos and normal people can travel within Japan Transportation is strictly controlled. • Paperwork and documentation must be shown in order to travel • Daimyos could move anywhere freely, normal people need much more to travel. People must be documented by the temples to ensure that they are not Christian or untouchables. Everybody needed proper documentation to travel, no documentation = no travel. • People traveled for pilgrimage to explore statues and shrines. We tend to isolate religion from travel and culture, but religion is not merely contained in a temple; it spreads to all places. Nakahara was a low ranking samurai, and he visits _____ in 1858; he was a merchant before, and he bought the samurai status. • Survived the winter, lived in Honshu, and he decides to travel around and give thanks for his life (pilgrimage) • Travels in first class, and squanders his wealth due to his merchant/samurai status • Sets up a tea house, writes about women and tea and how he loved both things • He wants to climb a mountain to pray and give thanks; he sends a servant instead and he also has fun with geishas. (prayer and play) • Servant pays to climb the entire mountain, voiding the rules of the mountain, but he ends up giving thanks at the top of the mountain for his master’s life. Pilgrimage is not distinct from entertainment and other fun things. Climbing a mountain is both a spiritual and a p
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