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Religious Studies
Mark Rowe

Families - family ancestors create an identity - family identity forms informs one’s own identity - objects also create identity (passed down items) eg. ring, pocket watch - nations also form identity through genealogy Early Family Tree of Japan - ‘pockets’of populations found throughout Japan - trade and exchange between South Korea and Japan - Japan seen as a peripheral place which is part of a larger Chinese empire • initial trade found in Kyushu then spread Jomon (10,000 BCe – 300 BCE) - hunting, fishing and gathering societies – there may have been some cultivation - pottery – female figures (fertility) and warrior Yayoi Period - named for the site in Tokyo where types of pottery from era were found - beginning of full scale agriculture – wet rice cultivation/rice paddies • soil fertility, climate, technology, etc. – factors outside control • technologies for controlling the things outside your control (weather, locusts, droughts, disasters, illness) now known as religion - bronze and iron tools - migration, trade, diplomatic exchange with China and Korea - social stratification into elite and commoner classes • leaders of village were also the religious/spiritual leaders • small communities develop and travel gaining new rituals, weapons, technologies etc. = expand technology, power and control • period of consolidating power • uji (corporate communit
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