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Religious Studies
Hisako Omori

RELIG ST 2WW3- January 8 th - Prayer, pilgrimage, sacrifice ways to bring about healing WHO definition of health - Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Why is healing a central concern of many religions? - Illness pushes a person to the end of the familiar world. - Challenges who you are - Sees the world from a new perspective - Frances burke: illness not disaster, but dangerous opportunity - Critical illness arises questions about the meaning of life - Healers frame illness in a meaningful context - Basic assumption in many cultres is that bodily health is related to spiritual health/moral concerns - Physical health related to the relationship with higher being. - Ex: Hinduism, related to karma - In some Christian tradition, illness may be caused by a sin - In Japanese cultures, ancestors may be responsible for causing an illness - Because sickness and healing are so closely related to religious or moral concerns in most cultures healers tend to involve religious specialists of one kind or another. Film: Wondrous Healing What are some of the sites of religious healing that are mentioned? - Healing centers: aromatherapy, touch, prayer, crystals - St.Anne de beaupre What are the claims made about illness and health? - Illness may be because stuff is misaligned in your life - They can heal themselves, in charge of their bodies - Health perfect harmony between body mind and spirit - Healing takes place deep inside then physical health catches up - We all can heal others - Physicians move too quickly to silence the symptom before they deal with the reason and spiritual things. - When people seek spiritual healing, even if they don’t get physical healing they still feel better and can cope better because of healing insi
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