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Lecture 6

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Religious Studies
Rhona Shaw

Lecture 6 In the Hebrew religion a prophet is one who has been given a gift from God not those who brought upon a religion. Women are also recognized as practionaers of oucult arts (mediums and socrseese) thought banned in Israel togther with their male counterparts (I Sam. 28:7; Exod. 22:18) Names: Tamar, Rahab, Jael, Judith, Ruth, Esther, Delilah, Jezbel. There are some “bad women” in the Hebrew bible. IMAGES AND ROLES OF WOMEN IN THE CHRITIAN TEXTUAL TRADITIONS NEW TESTAMENT AND PATRISTICS The nw testment is the central scripture for Christians and is considerably shorter than that Hebrew bble called by chriians as the old testemnts. The new testment has proper place of women in society. The new testment is made up of four gospes, the life and teachings of Jesus, the account and acts of the apostles and letters written by early evangalizers
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