RELIGST 2QQ3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: September 11 Attacks, Nesara, Kfc

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The open mind forum and conspirituality; waiting for NESARA
Marge and Jim
Jim talked about a thing called NESARA; acronym for “national economic security and recovery
- Signed by law by bill Clinton because it involves too much change in banking community
and would’ve resulted in worldwide economic chaos if people found out about it.
- Was leaked beginning in 2001 by woman who put out information about the law; would
eliminate the IRS, eliminate debt, eliminate mortgages, gets rids of U.S. government
(Bush) and senate
- Talks about extra-terrestrial forces beaming up all the troops and shut down equipment
and said they would return troops unless NESARA is announced
Dove of Oneness; internet updated from this person who is spreading messages about this
- Someone who lives in Washington, was in intelligence service, has knowledge of CIA, FBI
- They release videos and clips about saint Germain
- First the announcement will happen which will be followed by resignation of current
government and will be replaced by government elected by White Knights who are
responsible. The funds will be released, people will receive large sums of money; checks
of $1000 randomly received
Prosperity programs
- Set up by Saint Germain over 250 years ago. He set up world trust that today is worth a
ton of money; ton of programs
- They were set-up and designed so that only people of good intention would get into
- People would send checks to this organization in the hopes they would get a lot more
when the NESAR is announced
Conference about NESARA
- Jim is the speaker and they talk about how NESARA was going to be announced on 9/11
and used the attack as a diversion to delay that announcement so that the government
figures could remain in power
- People felt that 9.11 was organized by the own U.S. government and the islam had
nothing to do with it
Have you ever been aboard a UFO?
- Merge and Jim claim to have been on a UFO unconsciously, another member said there
was one following her and sending signals
If not going to be on planet, why need money?
- Certain people aren’t going to be on planet. Only about 40k will be leaving October 31st
at 3am to be below planet.
- Day of deliverance will come soon and the belief was that certain people would be in
the first wave who are taken under earth
Ex. Old lady says her husband died and if it’s possible he’s doing this with her? And the leader is
so quick to say oh yes he will because he knows that what she wanted to hear
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