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Lecture 1

RELIGST 2TT3 Lecture 1: 10.12 confucian

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Religious Studies
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Mark Rowe

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Analects ren is the signature part of Confucian Daodejing -The world of nature is the center of everything, but not very important in Confucian -worest of all is ritual. Ritual causes all social disorder. Different ways to see it 1. Ritual is how the government organized, 2. Declined the social members. -Daoism thinks all are same and equal - In Daoism, the ritual is declined at the end. Less than righteousness, etc Mozi -Mozis central critic to analects: JunziIt is equivalent to CADRE=Communism official, from French - he does not Junzi concept. He wants worthy man. Mengism He hates Mozi he does have father or ruler. He is abandoned He got Mozi in target. Xing-, Key terms to human nature, how does him define it? 1. Potentiality, innate tendency to do good things -Compared to water, the tendency to flow down. Human nature flow toward social virtue the potential of benevolence is found in the empathetic (ren) -he talks virtues, the Confucian talks about, into two category: term of value: righteousness, benevolence terms of installation: need to combine together -benevolence, righteousness and other qualities need to go together, like wanter need to go with mountain. -he is not talking about biological, craving for food, etc. He talks about social potential. It has nothing to do with biology, but with social -Confucian talks about social 2. The nature of Universal Love. (We can do it better than Mozi do) - It is designed by Mozi to undermine the concept of REN, because it only exists in family. It does not really reach out. Thats why he devises universal love. Filial devotion needs to have a wider range. -But he thinks the character of human nature is inherite. Everybody has it. -Since the nature is universal Any man can be Yao or Shun because the nature is in everyman, who can be ethical leader. -in Mozi, heaven speaks. It has will and speaks its will. Heaven has message. The measurement is same anywhere, the instrument of measurement, so people can read it. To decide a think is right or not, look at the Judgement by nature in history. It is haven speaking its will. -But Mencism thinks heaven do not speak. There was no message. It simply shows its conduct. Heaven cannot separate from
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