RELIGST 3AR3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Infertility, Honor Killing, Femininity

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Spirits, lecture 2, chap 3-4
I. What is spirit possession?
II. Theoretical approaches: rationalizing, contextualizing
III. Ethnographic case study: Jinn and the Palestinian West Bank
- Key contexts: political, economic, social, and religious
- Jinn: historical contexts, presents day characteristics, treatment healer
TODAY: ethographi ase study ot’d: Ji i the Palestiia West Bak h, 
i. Women and the Jinn (ch3)
Nura, Halah, “ara: hauted/trouled y ji
- Male emigration
- Young/unmarried or adult married -> adults unmarried
- Education
- Dangerous relations
Very difficult to get an appropriate marriage wedding over 25
Young and unmarried or grown up and married
I. Woe ad the Ji, ot’d h 
Jinn and the virgin girl
- oer-up
Aliyah, “a’ida
- Infertility and blame
- Husband-wife communication
- Femininity and danger
- Woe’s ork
A girl had sex. The family thinks a jinn took over girl and made her have sex. Instead of honour killing,
the family believes the jinn possessed the girl. she the is okay; arries ousi
II. Zahia and her Jewish Jinn (ch 4)
- Cousins/stranger marriage is a cousin a total stranger?!
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