RELIGST 3AR3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Collective Memory, Cultural Globalization, Neoliberalism

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Chapter 6
- What’s religio .1
- How do anthropologists study religion c.2
- What materials do anthropologists look at c. 3
- How does religion construct time and place c.4
- What is the nature of religious authority c. 5
TODAY: What is the relationship between globalization and religion?
I. Definitions: globalization, sacroscapes
II. Religion is diaspora
III. Transnational religions
I. Definitions: globalization, sacroscapes
- Neoliberalism
o A form of global capitalism that favors free market exchange, decreased trade
regulations, and increases privatization if industry and services (Bielo 137).
- Cultural globalization ex., Music, sport and religion
- Transnational = bi-directional flows
- Economic calculations a universal standard for the organization, management, and government
of human life and conduct
- People the thik, Is this religio good for e, ad is this religio profitale for e.
- It almost is like that there is demand for people to follow a certain religions: Pentecostal religion
has expanded in the global south because of a certain demand. Economic crisis in the neoliberal
world found Pentecostal traditions attractive
- Globalizatio, ot’d
- Five common emphases across definitions:
1. Everyday life- it’s there through everyday life
2. Flows circulation and movement through modern world (and ancient ones)
3. Compression (time and space) making things move faster and distances shorter
4. Connectedness through the above, we are instantly connected, and often by religion
5. Power can create power; leadership and trade deals. Can also limit many people.
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