RELIGST 3AR3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Transnationalism, Collective Memory, Neoliberalism

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Monday, October 30, 2017
Bielo Ch. 6
What is the relationship b/w globalization and religion?
1. Globalization
a. How we use this term in anthropology
2. Religious globalization
a. Two types
Modern era did not invent globalization
The idea of people travelling, spreading ideas and knowledge is an old concept
In today’s society, globalization is used as a new economic arrangement
A form of global capitalism
In this definition globalization refers most centrally to the 1970’s til the present
capitalism and free market became more prominent
Culture globalization
With this intense spread of global capitalism
There was also the ability to spread culture globally
People can spread religious texts, authority, and even sports and music spread quicker in
the world, too
Globalization created a bi-directional flow of exchanges
The flow is fast and in every direction
e.g., ideas from the west can flow to other parts of the world
5 common emphases across anthropological definitions
(How anthropologists approach globalization)
1. Intensification
a. Everyday regular people are affected
b. Intense connections
2. Flow
a. Circulation of boundaries
b. Bi-directional flow of good, knowledge, people, etc.
c. Always in process
d. Flow can not be stopped; it is ongoing
3. Compression
a. Everyday people perceive the world as smaller and interconnected
b. People feel more connected to people around the world
4. Connectedness
a. People feel so connected to each other that they feel affected when something happens to
another community
5. Power
a. Globalization is very much about power
b. Some ideas and goods flow more faster and easier
c. Some are more or less policed or considered dangerous
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