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The word Islam means to submit to god. The word Muslim means the one that does the act of
submission; submits to one god, in that sense Christians and Jewish people can be considered
Quran is the Muslim scripture; talks about the prophets in the old testament of the bible, also known
as a the Hebrew scripture. The most mentioned prophet in the Quran is Moses, the next is
There are a lot of commonalities/similarities between Judaism and Islam (law based religions)
Tawhid means oneness of god; that he is unique, Muslims cannot conceptualize god, you can not
put a picture of god.
There are 26 prophets mentioned by name in the Quran, the last prophet mentioned in the Quran is
Muhammad. He was born in 570 in Mecca, 570 begins the classical era of Islam.
1258 the moguls invaded Bagdad, begins the medieval period of Islam until 1798. In 1798, the
colonization of the Muslim world begins and is also considered the modern era of Islam.
3 phases of Islam: Classical (570), Medieval (1258), and Modern (1798)
Allah is not an Islam term, it existed well before Islam and is used as god. Before Islam, the people
of the time believed in multiple gods, there was female infanticide,
Muhammad talked about equality and justice. In the year 622 Muhammad migrated to Medina,
there he was free from persecution, and created his community there. Ummah is the term used for
community. Faith becomes more important than other relations.
Muhammad died in when he was 62 years old in the year 632 in Medina, he conquered Saudi
Arabia and Mecca peacefully before he died. After his death a khalifait started
There are 4 Caliphs/Khalifas:
Abu Bakr
Was the first successor of Muhammad
Was appointed by Abu Bakr
Ruled for 10 years
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