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Lecture 13

SOCPSY 1Z03 Lecture 13: Week 6 Feb. 8 SocPsy Social Perception and Cognition Lecture

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McMaster University
Social Psychology
Paul Glavin

Social Perception and Cognition Implicit Personality Theory - Aset of assumptions of what personality traits go together - behaviour, attributes and personality. (The Inference of Co-occurrence of Personality Traits Based onAnother Personality Trait). Ex. Being gifted (very smart) is sometimes associated with also not having great social skills or having bad marks being associated with being deviant. Halo Effect - an impression. The few personality traits you know one has, you add more. PhysicalAttractiveness - Think of them as charming, sweet. Implications of IPT Can Lead to Poor Judgement. - Biases can lead to prejudices. - Thinking someone looks clean - this is poor judgement because they may look clean but can also have a disease for ex.Aids. Impression Formation Process of Creating a Coherent Picture of Someone Based on Many Sources of Information. Trait Centrality Certain Traits Ranking High in Our Perception of a Person Impacts Overall Impression Also impacts how we perceive the other traits associated with the individual Self-Fullling Prophecy When we act towards someone based on our impression of them and they reect that impression back to us They react in ways that conrm our original impression - ex. Rosenberg experiment.
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