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January 9th Intro to Social Psychology

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Social Psychology
Paul Glavin

Theoretical Perspectives Five Theoretical Perspectives: 1. Role Theory 2. Reinforcement Theory 3. Cognitive Theory 4. Symbolic Interaction Theory 5. Evolutionary Theory Social Psychology as a Science The scientific method versus… - Personal experience - Commonsensical knowledge - Philosophy Science: - …a systematic enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predications about the universe. Introduction to Social Psychology: Research Methods • Methods for testing causal relationships between phenomena - and whether these relationships can be generalized across a variety of situations • Variable - Acharacteristic or attribute that varies, e.g. gender, age, income Variables • Independent variables (X) Avariable that has an effect on another variable • Dependent variables (Y) The outcome or the variable that is being caused by the IV • Extraneous variables (Z) Possible other variable that might account for the relationship between X and Y Causality 1. Temporal Order 2. Co-variation (association or correlation) But: correlation ≠ causation 3. Non-spuriousness Spurious Relationships - Spuriousness: When an apparently causal relationship between two variables is actually accounted for by a third variable (extraneous variable: Z) - Ex. Ice cream vans = people seem to die around ice cream trucks (the number of ice cream trucks and the number of homicide rates) Validity of Findings Two types of validity: 1. Internal Validity: When a causal relationship is properly demonstrated (Evidence supporting X causing Y) 2. External Validity: When a causal relationship can be generalized to a broader population or setting. Experiments - An operation or procedure car
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