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Lecture 6

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Social Sciences
Geraldine Voros

Rogers approach  kind and thoughtful kind of way would discharge the materialism Achievement overload  academic, interpersonal, extra curricular Middle class fams push kids for 2 reasons  (1) they didn’t have the money/opportunity to do it themselves, and so they push their kids to do it, (2) maybe they have achieved but it was the pard way around, involved sacrifice and took a lot of time, they want us to do without any rough patches in our life Video  coping with death Boys drew rain, house, lighting, If you are an adult you have coping strategies, and kids don’t have those Its more devastating for a child Kids feel surprised, ignored, Pick a colour for mad and colour in the circle (pie)  Black is depression  may judge someone who coloured something black as being depressed, but they may associate differently with black One kid said 1 irresponsible and 2 guilty  1 cuz he could have done something to stop it, 2 cuz he chose to sit at the back Family where the father passed away  mom and dad talked to the boys, dad told them that he wants them to move on and that the mom will find someone one day and their father will always love him, but he hopes that the new man learns to love them Greif and loss  let the individual get it out of themselves, if they reoccur they are felt less intensely, if it is left inside it becomes worse They need to speak about, needs to be shared and facilitated Intellectual and emotional knowledge --? Emo makes its less stable, intellectual may seem l
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