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McMaster University
Social Sciences
Geraldine Voros

Canadian children speak out Wishes  Get along with arents  See rents more  Had a normal nuclear family where the mom and dad took care of kids  Find our real rents  Have a big house and yard  Bring rents back together  Violence to stop  Good environment  Good parents Health  Vegetables and fruits  Away from alcohol and drugs  Walk to school  Stop smoking Bad habits  Feelings  Im macho I wont cry  Hate my sister  I like sunny days  Not be so angry  Pple used to call me smelly and it wasn’t true and it makes me angry  Poor families, and some fams are alcoholics fams make me sad  I don’t get to see my fathers that much  Rents argue  Scary to be on the streets  Brother died when he was 18, he was in a car accident and I was close to him and I miss him Boyfriends and girlfriends  Singing the song ‘lets talk about sex baby’  How are babies bron  Boys don’t have to wrry they cant get pregenant  Girls are pressured to have sex  You cnt have a boyfriend without him asking u to have sex with him  Parents gave me info which the school didn’t  Rents think im too young  Girls might get pregnant and they aren’t ready for it  Are you using condom Families  They love you and care about till you move out  Protection  Someone who cares for you  Loving and he
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