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Social Sciences
Geraldine Voros

Early socialization  Judith bridge  did her phd in congratulatory cards it was right there in your face how we delimit boys and girls. Looking at cards:  Babies stimulate their rents diff, we respong to girls like they are fragile and hold them close to us in comparison to boys,(more wreckless with them)  When you hold the girls more  babies try to watch our mouth and learn to move their similarly o Hence girls move their mouths more as they are held closer and more than boys  Since we hold boys more loosely(term they use)  their arms and legs are flaling  higher level of activity, because of this we nurture them to be that way and pay more attention to them cuz they are more wiggly, researchers say that this is why boys sleep less, boys are more irritable, cuz we hold girls and sooth them, boys are nutured to be rambunctious get more attention and are restless and focus on them and pay more attention, we interrupt boys playing more than girls cuz they are that much more active make more noise are boisterous, it all goes back to how we handle them post natal party ex  Parents expections to boys and girl  ex hospital with 30 new borns (15g, 15b) o Looked at the reactions of the paretns o Said to rents describe ur babies after they were born immediate o What they told us was(vocabulary of motive of rents): o Baby boys  described by both mothers and fathers are  Firm large features alert strong o Boay girls:  Delicate, fine features, soft, cute o Shows how we respind to kids b  masculine, g  feminine o Kids 1-10 punds when born cant be dif but the rents use gender specific terms o Maybe this is cuz these rents are older old fashioned o Then the researchers went to kindergarden and took a 4 month old gender neutral baby  Dressed it as both boy (john) and laura (girl)  Look the kid to kids in the kg and the kig played with the baby for 5 mins  And then the kids rated the baby on scale of cuddly—cudly, quiet- loud, lil-big  All the babies thought the baby was little and cuddly regardless of laura/john  No gender bias there  However, they differenctiated on the other sexes according how they baby was dressed  John  thought he was noisy tuff and fussy  Laura  quiet, cheerful gentle  So what we see is that is all the kg kids described the baby in a gender spefic way and what this tells us:  At that young age the kg kids has a clear distinct idea of what baby girls were vs. boys  General parents with their kids and their reactions and behaviours  Parents encouraged to the boys physicaly activity, defend themselves, competitiveness, mechincall enclines  Encouraged the girls to be neat and clean and helpful, and quite reserved sentitive to others feeling, easily upset and frightened  What wwe say was that this sexism was something that was learnt as early as kg certainly something that perpetuated itself throughout adult  These binds ur mind, cultural lag from new stone age  Where the hope in terms of what baso, Armstrongx2, Judith would like, where is the hope lies is looking at the family types  What we discovered  fathers stereotypes more were more sexist  Look at intact fams  mothers of boy who remained more trad in terms of sexist roles, if women has only sons u were more trad in sence of expection  Mother of both bg  less trad, more inclusive of non trad roles  Mothers of only girls  least trad, most liberal in approach to what bg can do  If we look back at the piggy book story o Mrs pigget has sons, and is very trad o Perhaps now rebels and dismantles and deconstructs the myths and stereotpyes  baso, Armstrong and Judith would suggest that’s better for the family, a more inclusive view  Parents treatment children shows that there is this culture lag  look at the treatment of boys rough housing, girls  gentle tickling  Research on play periods/toys o Boys  trucks and large motor skills, big rocking horse, big puppy dog o Girls  small dexterial toys, bird, tiny doll o Shows there is this difference rather than similar treatment of bg o As kids get older even by kg boys are taught to control their emotions, ur a lil soldider o Mothers and sons research shows  we launch boys outta the family to stand on their own much more quickly then we should, this can be damaging to boys, boys have been taught to have a rough exterior, be independent, even lil boys pretend to be strong and independent o Girls are taught to be physically close, and dependent, they are awarded on their dependency o Girls a
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