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McMaster University
Social Sciences
Geraldine Voros

 Experiment : learned helplessness  we took a room and squared it off into 9 cells, mother in the corner with a barrier in between, a b or g with the mother and on the other side of the barrier are some toys to tempt the child o What we wanted to see is  how far the child wanderd from the mom in the corner  how often the child wander; once, twice and how far  how often they came back for reassurance; after many times  how did the child respond to the barrier  girls  stayed closer to the mom, returned more often, upset by the barrier, if they did go onto the other side and wanted to come back theyd clung onto the barrier and cry for their mom to pick them up over the barrier, they continued to whale there rather than seek around (which they already went around once to get to the other side)  boys  they went independently played with the toys and hung out, they returned less often, were never upset by the barrier, and did absolutely everything; climb aornd it go over it non obstacle for them
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