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Social Sciences
Geraldine Voros

Male Researchers Female Researchers Hunting and Gathering Hunting and Gathering  The hordes are developing and becoming  They tell us that men hunt and women more human civilized in nature gather  Males subscribe to male theorists  Marx  Women find that we have underestimated /Engels “period of savagery their role  they dug up pits to find the  Conway tells us that there was this residues of food interest in understanding the human  Women gather 80% of the food and men development that began to take place and slaved only 20% the relationships began to become more  Women had a competent role in defined and looked at sustaining their clans  This emerging relationship thing(not fam  yet stereotypes show men as more yet as loosely defined) powerful  They looked at the evolution of human  this male power and authority is still fams showed in h and g societies  They layed down taboos, and wanted  men bonded together and excersized the more structures control over the women even in this  You start to develop culture period  This period of savagery spoke to the fact  patrilocal  parti (father) local (place) that there was this clan of pople that  men chose the place where they were travelled around, weren’t married and no going to live and set up formal relationships ‘friends with benefits’  the women kept packing up and moving  Divions of labour is this period where men with the men hunt and women gather  women just followed subserviently even  Mutual Coexistence of pple in clan (tarzan though they did most of the work and jane) and mutual cooperation  what we see is that if a h and g society crossed paths with another, then there was some war fare  the men faught  there were dispute within the clan which demonstrated aggression  men always protected the women in fights and made sure they were never part of fights
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