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Social Sciences
Geraldine Voros

Origins of the Family Modern Family 60s to 90s Decline of the nuclear family Modern family  60s  (mid 60s – md 70s) impt  More personal take  Intact fams dropped  single parents rise in society (either lots of pple are dying or increase in divorce)  Kids per fam decreases  Childless fams moves up (are kids a liability, need time to ourselves, fertility issues)  1 or 2 kids  increases  3+ kids  fell a lot  The way kids are being contextualized is diff  fams want fewer kids, some fams want no kids  Single rent fams  increases  Divorce  increases  More women working  Take a look historically at cdn society  we can account for all of these shift  Womens liberation and decline of patriarchy  7% widowed 1% divorced  1968 divorce act  up until now only get divorce if spouse commit adultery, now the laws changed, now u can divorce for incompatibility, abandonment, infidelity, anything reasonable by law  The psych behind it  if a women knows she has been subjugated, theres male entitlement, you want more for urself and kid, but your husband just tells u to clean, now you can get a divorce  What if men don’t learnt that women want change  that they can work together for a better life of both, then women get the divorce an unload him  1969 birth control  women chose to have fewer kids, and have them kids close together, so they can work out in the work force  Women are planning their and their kids lives  1970 royal commission on the status of women  women demand that work place shouldn’t need marital status before getting a job, they want imprived legal status in terms of divorce and that assets should be shared equally, women should be hired as well as male, sexual harassment, women have moved forward in understanding who they are as people  These laws are beginning to be passed which removes women from second class citizens  When men and women are not on the same page
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