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Social Sciences
Geraldine Voros

Origins of the Family Modern Family 90s onwards Male Researchers Female Researchers Decline of the nuclear family Modern family  prob of down syndrome goes up, menopause,  More personal take its like the last chance decade to have a kid  11.9% of the 35 – 44 aged f around the 1990s don’t want kids  higher then ever  Chose not to have kids  work is important  We need know that thins happening are diff  Blended fams may become an option with higher divorce rates  Dual income fams  due to decline in income for fams, almost necessary for dual career fams  How does that impact kids  if u are in a dual career fam, ul most likely put off having kids  If u look at previous decade, a 28 year old would be having a one of her later kids, today 28 year old mother is considered a young mother  Positive thing is we learn that the more educated the women is in terms of career, they are content and do a good job In terms of raising their kids  If u have a lousy job and not happy I do a bad job at raising kids  5 difficulties in raising kids in a dual fam  (1) day care  (2)balancing 2 jobs and looking after kids u going to conference am I whos going to take care of kids  (3)family obligations  whos taking the kid for extra cur, taking care of elderly  (4)reconciling conflict in career/personal life  if one partner has to move  (5)cost of raising a child 1991 if we raised a kid from birth to 13 years of age with no extravagen things its 113 300$,+ day care iin first 10 years = 116 000  Today its 167 000$ without daycare  In us its 227 000$ with no day care  extra cuz of healthcare  Trad fams  husband working only they are endangered only 12% of those fams being with that 1 male earner  Dysfunctions  higher risk of poverty, spouses are older and lower level od edu, and more kids, have kids at a younger age, the moms have social/emotional/econ probs from isolation, feel devalued by society  How res is this fam in raising a child  Under great stress and difficulty  Some fams with only wife earning  Trad fams with neither spouse working  at risk  Single parent fams female and male headed homes, usually cuz a spouse had died  ½ kids will live part of their lives in a single parent fam  Free floating anxiety  kids suffer from separation and divorce  Mostly women get custody  But we are trying to move towards joint custody where kid can live with both  Some unmarried mothers, young teenage preggos, artificially simulated  chose not to have partners and mostly they are professional women, also a trend  67% of kids living in a household headed by mom are poor at some ppoint in their life  Single moms who have never been married often they are single parents on average 21 years of age an within 4 years theyl find a partener  Single parent who are divorced and average 32 years and most likely find someone in 6 years  Men have a shorter time, 3 years, to remarry  Cohort of males who have never been married and are raising kids 4% of all male headed households  Male headed households are better off than female  Male and f single rents suffer same probs  Suffer daycare probs, loneliness, isolation, lack of sexual outlet, conflicting demands between work and kids  Still they try to remedy that with another partnership, men are more successful than women  Men get more happy with reconstituted  Common law families  only came to be legal in 1981, prior on the cenus it would be married or living together  What we know is that it is the fastest growing type of fam at present  Usually 2/3 of them end up in a marriage situation  Often times there is a child on the way (.6 child)  Common law fams face the same probs as young fams  Young m and f are ignorant  easy to get in and hard to get out  Young f want common law cuz they want to know if the m can adjust to their idea of freedom and independence  M say they want to see if there is flexibility and egalitarian in the relationship (not a gold digger)  Transitional fam  get married, work for a bit, and then the women takes maternity leave, and then goes back to work  Used to be 10 year outta to work, 5, 2 and now its shrunk to the period the company allows u to stay out of job  Pple try to stay out the least as possible cuz they lose out on pay and sometimes the company lays them off, cant put money awy from rrsp, lose seniority  There is a bill passed, can split income, the husband are assure u  Few fam forms  transitional fams  When we first looked at these, also knows as re-entry fam, either both rents take time off to cater to kids  Traditionally, women would stay outta work for 10, then 5, then 6 months 1 years off to take care of kids depnds on maternity leave  Sometimes the father takes paternity leave  Majority of women are working full/part time along with partner  the length of time women spends taking care of kid has shortened  Now there are looking for daycares  Women and men are reluctant to leave work for too long as it is loss of income and lose out on rrsps and often u fall behind ur colleges and seniority, and some companies say ur job is closed off and leave u with no job  If u have a partner earning u can stay home longer  Both men and women take out time now depending on what is permitting  The universal daycare is an issue with kids  Blended family new fam form which Conway wants us to make a dear note of  Diff researchers call it diff things, also called melded fam and reconstituted, remarriaged  High divorce rates  pple marry other and two fams are blended  What we do know is that these fams are under tremendous amonts of pressure to succeed  Step father provoke more probs particulary regards to ste
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