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Geraldine Voros

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Origins of the Family New Stone Age Male Researchers Female Researchers New stone age  New stone age “period of barbarism”  Similar yet different definition of stone age “period of civilization”  Agree there is a rootedness of the unit “preindustrial nuclear family”  They want us to know that at this time “unit combined production and consumption” they can bench mark exactly when the  Mr lean on the teachings of engels ston age started  10-12 thousand years  Engels spent time udnerstadning origins of ago fam  Areas started to flourish thre were 3  There was a period of barbarism where main (1) tigris-euphrates (fertile river the h and g become more enlightened valley from turkey to Iraq, becomes the  They realize they can domesticate crops center of civilization, first written words,  You can plant and harvest crops alphabet is developed, legal language  And if you built a fence around animals comes and first language is developed, you don’t have to chase them all the time people become literate, George bush jr went to Iraq to museums cuz imprt  Food production and storage  traded excess food artifacts of civilization were there [there  Male had property, planted crops and artifacts were stolen and there are domesticated animals organizaiotns online tryin to put this collection together as it is so important to  Needed some help  Logical evolution of a tighter relationship the global community])  a lot of damage  What we have to remember is that the was done to this sight it was a trajedy, (2) evolution is occurring; 3 elements to nile  nile river valley was fertile and gave great crops, the Egyptian civilization organize us  (1) fads (2)mores (3)laws flourished jere, (2) indus river valley  (civilization that is developed that there is a written word which id documented) another fertile area, pple learn the  Gradual institutionalizaiton of domestication of crops and animals here, relationships farming, literacy  Wr also see that land was claimed and  Men have land and animals and planting crops and now they need help domestication happened but only by men  We have this loosely defined yet a lil more  Women and kids were seen as chaddel seirous relationship  mutual  At this point in time most of the cultures became patriarchal and spread this kind of codependence, semi-permanent household relationship but underscores authority the friends with benefits but no formal  Women recognized that men had commitment something to give upon their death  The decent was measured through the  Mores  if you are a male with property, animals and plants and are aging, what are fathers line and was only given to sons you going to do with them?  gives them (male liniage) to his kids, and the women must be loyal  Gender identities  defined diff
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