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Origins of the Family Precivilization Period.docx
Origins of the Family Precivilization Period.docx

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McMaster University
Social Sciences
Geraldine Voros

Origins of the Family: Precivilization Male Researchers Female Researchers Precivilization Precivilization  They were Freudian in their interpretation  Women researchers had an image  Believed people loved in hordes prior to  ‘the caveman’ period image  women civilization being slaves  Monkey running here and there  Wr said certainly that there was male  Much like the hordes of the primate dominance relatives these hordes of persons had a  There was this taken for granted reality dominate male and he enjoyed sexual that the men were in power access to all females  The question was how did it get that way  The dominant female denied sexual  What the wr believed evolved in this gratification to the younger males who period was that the men observed women were subordinate  They noticed that women were nice to  Eventually the younger males conspired have around against the dominant male and killed him  All of a sudden some women would get (rationally that would be their father) bigger and bigger and all of sudden they  Once the young males killed the older had a child males the orgy began  The women had the ability to excersize  Frued and male researchers agreed that at their reproductive function some point these men were guilty of  Women were the children and they were slaining their father mother  This was an incestuous relationship as the  But the men did not have bio then so they females were their mothers or sisters didn’t understand their role  The young males began to feel less  They didn’t know they were procreation comfortable (fathering the child) and could claim credit  This brought upon the evolution to for creating the children understand there needed to be some  Womens ability to reproduce was a order established mystery  They established taboos
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