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Social Sciences
Geraldine Voros

We as adults should be responsible Can dislike but do not act on it publically 2 Imp ingredients to raise non prejud kids Elements in socializing kids 4 things Warmth love understanding guidance If u want kids to grow up healthy they need thishaving this is good indocation of functioning kids 2 ownership of prob repson provide foundation of healthy personalityloved cuz they are worthy and repectnurturing culture 3 person needs to become political or publichelp break the cycle of prejudice which needs to be done by the adult make the effort to make voice heard if something is incorrect be proactive show u can fight for rights 4 no excuse for noise we see or failure amongst kidsgiving kids achievable standards and expectationbuilds confidence makes them feel like they can meet standard 5 hot house flowersrents who are isolating kids from social realitied and rob them of necc experex Uni is bad cuz of sex and alcbut kid needs to live here and exp Everythingpple dont drastically change from the way they have been nutured 6 democratic opennessage appropriate info resp parent does not side step kids question if the kid is old enough to articulate such a question 7 acceptance of differencemoral entrepreneurshipif kid is being harassed cuz of racediscuss it and tell there are diff religions and should respect and accept allnatural and desirable diff unless the diff expresses
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