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Social Sciences
Geraldine Voros

How to do better by the boys ? • Empowerment mother cares to have recent knowledge and understaindi of mother in 21 st century – not how their mothers were but the recent knowledge – key to resolving problsm of society and create new authentic boys, imformed women raise stronger chap and strong emo and psych, boys feel confi bout self, sons with empowered mom and fathers are most successful • the double standard of masculinity idea that we need them to be tough, and sensitive caring and empathic mas and fem side – mother is first women to be involved in life and define their mas – we see mothers give boys undivided attention – speaks to the softer side being formulated in kid – how does she itegrate that into son, pushing son away is not the way • what is a mother to do? what about the boys of the future mothers know they have to do more, women expect to fallow their dreams and if they want kids, they do embrace equality in sexes, and rediscovered their own voices, they have found in themselves assertiveness and resilience, mothers of these boys have personal strength and masculine toughness, also are competitive, want fathers to be good nurturers as well, we see these women know work needs to be done – they understand he meaning or raising meaningful boys but understand the social stigma • who is confused? mothers and the rest of us – how ahead of the gender curve can they be without risking the child as he interacts with society and their stereotypes – there are still old rules bout boys and masculinity – research shows the more real love the kid gets they turn out to be 1 more confident boys 2 more reliant, more self esteem better at school and lower rates of psycho pathology – yet still live in a context of masculine culture and that‟s at times problems and leads to confusion. We need to lisence to get married, drive – doing a lot of things, however when we look at ourselves we don‟t need a lisence to have a kid, we assume pple know how to raise kids – this means we are still hallow in knowing how to raise kids, the mother does not know the body of the male and she does not understand how a male is, gives mother anxiety, mothers are number one to socialize the son but doesn‟t know what it means to be a male – problematic – moms then are blamed for being bad mothers – for a mother who is informed and empowered would know that there are other intelligences should be used to socialize kids imp for indi being good human beings – this what we have been missing in social on sons – we need to make this info public to have better rents • single parents and boys – single mom with son are on target with this – these women are focused on what they are doing – she cares to know solely resp. excellent insticts what to say do aks help – even in sports facilitate sons well – most imp is moms attitude towards men is she hostile controlling dependant to men – this confuses son to developing his sense of gender • if she is empowered and informed she will speak t qualitied of functional men around and teach boys to be function and real • world war 2 in cancada single moms raising – those boys were one of the best gerenations ever prodces in this country – cuz women respected men and shred positive stories and attitudes towards men – shows both the masculine and sensitive side • if we look at our boys – as women try to raise them its imp to look at our own thoughts about masculinity our own thoughts and how we are have come to this how our fathers were, were they distant, hardoworking but emotionalness, authoritarian –-> we relate to our sons the same way and that‟s not good for raising a good boy, but if we had a father who was two faced, wild, like the way women dress, self esteem was built on how good the mom look flirtatious – moms are flirtatious with sons not good to raise kids – but emancipated women are best at raising boys, they understand what it measn to be functional and authentic • this internal confusion about manhood is not a mystery for empowered women • sons of authentic women are the best – produce real authentic
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