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Lecture 2

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McMaster University
Social Sciences
Geraldine Voros

thSoc Sci 2O03 Canadian Children Sept 19 2012Lecture 2 Conway 1 Family Origins contMalestreamConway Femalestream SPREAD OF CHRISTIANITYSPREAD OF CHRISTIANITYMen dont mention it in ConwayPatriarchal system strengthensMiddle ages 476 ad1450o When patriarchy finds itself strengthened o What lead to this was the spread of monotheistic religionsChristianity Islam and Judaism Christianity o Largely defined as antiwomeno Middle agesWomen as temptressesDangerous unclean vicious depraved o Protestant refMartin luther agrees women are tricksters o The diminishment of women empowers men220 derogatory words for women in the English language 20 for men o See currencypowerMen can earn currency so they are superior o Find exceptions to the rule in the Middle AgesSome groups of Women in power during the Middle AgesWomen as prioresses or abbesseso In charge of convents o Devoted to religion o Managed to build a place for themselves where they could practice their faith and concentrate on their education not burdened with family o Learned to write read think o Seen as smartTaught kids around the conv
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