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Lecture 8

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Social Sciences
Geraldine Voros

thSocial Sciences 2O03 Canadian Children Nov 7 2012Lecture 8 Consumerism contPrejudice and DiscriminationMothers and Sons Introduced Consumerism ContSovereignty of Consumerism o Who is in chargeThe market is the invisible hand that guides and dictates to the economic institutions who then socially construct our society for usThis is unlike the way things used to bePatina Patina Orientation vs Fashion System o Patina orientationHistorically used to be like thisRespecting the visible aging of goodsSpeaks to solidarity of itemthis item is stable is BI4Lhas character has PatinaEroded and was eclipsed by the fashion system o Fashion systemBegan in the time of the Elizabethian courtsJudgement of status began to depend on timely display of goods and styleo Cutting edge itemsCCConsumption o Conspicuous consumer consumptionIndividual defined by what they are consuming in terms of styleRefers to all that stuff we haveSpeaks to the fact that we can afford things that are recent and fashionable o And therefore that makes us somebody o ChildrenNo toys or childs furniture made in Canada in the Elizabethian erano manufacturing companies here to do kids productsall imported or homemadeFast forwarding of the consumption of goods for kids1970Canadian children on average had 90 toys each1990schildren who were 9 years old had 100 toys on average o Girls had 6 Barbiesenough to circle the earth 3 and a half times o Understanding turn from 1800s1900s Industrialization fuelled by the developing technology and competitive pricingo To manufacture and sell goodsneed advertising Directed at buying into modern soc and its materialistic culture Become saturated in the materialistic cultureOvertime this translates for kids into their playaltering from being an outdoor activity to an indoor activity eg videogamesBook lets play hockeykids organize themselves freely in free play outdoorsIndoor playthings define the play they are going to have eg videogames as opposed to them imagining etcThis should have been a huge red flagmaterialism seeping into the lives of kids and ready to sweep them awayToys help define kids world and themselvesKids internalize toys and it speaks to the rela they have with the world around themKlineo There is a problem with regards to kids today in that when we let them be saturated in this materialism culture they actually lose their imagination o If kids dont develop their thinking on this level the question becomes have children been coopted Have they become addicted to the new drug of consumptionTo find outis their talk referencing the materialism culture or the nurturing cultureUsually materialism Power of Media Medium o As the fashion systemmaterialism cultureCCC displaced the Patinalife became a battlegroundWhen we have abundance do we really respect thingsParents average 30 seconds of meaningful convos with kids a day o TvWonderful resource Is it widely used For the benefit of kidsIn factnegative impactIntrusion into family life o Distractionpeople sit around watching life on tv rather than experiencing itDecline of cultural innocence of kids o Violence sex etc that is on tvSuggestion o Parents need to limit the way in which things are presented to and introduced into our kids lives o Gain control over these instruments of kids culturelook at these centrepeice instruments of distraction whether they are toys or tv o How do they get to kids
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