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Lecture 10

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McMaster University
Social Sciences
Geraldine Voros

stSocial Sciences 2O03 Canadian ChildrenNov 21 2012 Lecture 10 Exam ReviewFathers and Sons condConway part 4 Conway part 5 cond Exam Review Know defs concepts examplesHurried Children 14 o Competing demandsWhat each stands for and an example o Five stages of burnoutThis beh is associated with which stage o Types of parentsDysfunctional functional fashion etcWhich ones are examples of which beh o Four cats of dual career fams in terms of day careNeed to know each cat and which ones are examples of which beh o Materialism culture cultural resources nurturing humanitarianMaryanngod isnt finished with me yetEntry from journal of someone suffering sexual abuseTragedy of the lost self o Specific topics of the hurried childNeed to know what each refers toThis is an example of achievement overload true or false etcColour therapy segmentKids have ways of thinkingfeeling even if they dont have the languageo Dont want to appropriate their voiceSelf Esteem 14 o Elements of seHow to build se for kids o Intro to seWhat is selfhoodBasic defsI am loveable worthwhile o How a child deciphers feels about seWhen do they know they have seWhen do we o How se is built and effects beh o What price a child pays when se is low o How to foster se o Word messages and wordless messagesConcepts around these o Treatment of individual in terms of their identity How do we define the def of self and what does it mean o Mirrorso Erecting defences o Submittingo Withdrawalo Polishing mirrors o Esther 1045 from her presentation 56 from the discussion of the textRefer to readings ask what it is an example ofErecting defences withdrawl etc o Cultural blueprintso Hurrying childrenHangover wishesCurrent hungerUnfinished business o How to build seLove what that meansWhat high se meansCategoriesGenuine encounterBooster shotsTrustMixed messages o How many kinds there areNonjudgemental actionsCosts and benefitsBeing cherishedo Owning feelings o Empathy To listen and to hearHow to nurture in kids o Unique growingRetreat without dishonourDorais textlect 6Children and consumerism 6 o Patina orientation vs fashionWhat that means in terms of products and goods sold today o How the commercialized and commodified world gets to kidsSells kidsWhat they sell to kids o 4 ps o What it means to kids to own thingsHow it makes them feel o What is important for kids according to parentsA lot of it doesnt have anything to do with CCC yet we are so focused on it
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