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Social Sciences
Geraldine Voros

Jan 25 th The motherhood bond: - Unique positive and suffocating: all possible - Individualism - Lock up- being reliable - The self centered mother: - Maternal envy - Competence loss - Are you willing to be as progressive, we see that with the fight for female identity it becomes intensifies with a mothers life not fulfilled and the daughters life beginning to be fulfilled - With new eras we see and understand the change and to improve, this is connected to women who were not able to fulfill and they are now allowed to - There are women that believe that there daughters will be fulfilled ad there is a push movement - Sometime with the women, there is a push pull notion they push their daughters but with their own fears and losses they sometimes pull their daughters back, they say this is self centered and they keep their daughters close. - They saw their daughters can have high jobs make alot of money, but then they saw they need to have children and be a wife, and the daughters say why don’t they do it, and the mothers say well now they are to old to do so. They put alot of excuses inplace - Historically the last couple generations in Canadian have outstripped their mothers, movement go forward of emancipation in1980s - The daughters of the women in 60,70,80 are encouraged to achieve and no, we had one generation with less achievements - in this situation we have maternal envy- we here women tell them they have succeed in careers and build themselves but this is disturbing to their mothers their mother daughter relationship is tested, the daughters feel as if the mothers are pushing them because they succeeded and gotten more and better then they couldn’t achieve - we see that the daughters are suffering from depression because they feel like they are leaving their mothers, and their mothers are punishing them they paint a picture of the big bad world out there a fear that they place in their daughters life - this is unhealthy for the daughter - the source of envy and those mothers you see that those mothers suffer from an anxiety that they are going to those their daughters – loss them to a lock up, career, family, children her self made independence - this type of mother place a big role in the inspiring daughter role, they say this has gone to far and it effects their promotions, raises and other education they would like to take to keep advancing- because of their mothers statements they then become fearful and then instead of fearing the men they fear the women because their mothers say so. Then you see the distrust between women - the mothers envy is transferred to the daughter and other women are threatening and dangers to them - women should take control o their life’s in a positive manner, envy had no place facilitate the daughters in a positive manner - competence loss if your mother is never supporting and their for you in you life, in Canadian adolescent girls lack confidence compared to the boys - important to recognize when mothers are not supportive envious - the mother has had in her purpose for most of her life to have family and children are her life and if they don’t have goals in place they become in a threatening position - in the process of separating we need to see wehre the mothers were blocked in their growth when their daughters move forward in their public sector, and if the mother doesn’t see it as it is then it might be detrimental to the daughter - we need to look critical on how we network, women to women motherless daughters: - what constitutes a motherless daughter? - Annual in western society Canada and usa there are 1 million children adolescents who become motherless in their one year, individual children or adolescents who die - It would increase for those who are emotional gone, because or limited involvement alcohol or drug abuse – suffereing long term mental illness, suffereing from physical illness that debilitates them- there are alot of young women who are not totally motherless - Does is impact the young girl yes and it does alot quite serious - We are reluctant to note it and speak to it because its difficult as individuals that mothers can die, they are very important to us – it doesn’t help that contextualize ourself in a society that has issues with death - Issue of death- our hospitals and nursing homes deal with 80% of people whoa re passing, out famil
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