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Social Sciences
Geraldine Voros

Feb 1 The avoidant daughter: - Coping skills: positive and negative - Also motherless- when she loses her mother and get older she practices this insulation – by limiting her friendships and relationships and isolates her self by not becoming soft and putting p barriers always a guard up not feeling positive about anyone becoming attached to someone is not allowed- these are coping mechanisms if you don’t let anyone in you cant lose anyone - When they get older they go to a high self reliance they don’t need anyone they can do it all- become very self sufficient and self protective- their work become their passion - They are unable to trust anyone- they double triple check anything anyone else has done in work situations everything is prestine in job completion - They are not capable of commitment they are unable to have committed relationships they dodge romance- but if they feel confident to stand alone they may consider a relationship they will consider an alot partner- someone in their own world friends with benfits they are letting them stand alone and they don’t need to cater to them - Nurture a relationship that they may think they can handle but will bolt when she feels uncomfortable when the partner wants a long term commitment they will build - Abrubt in ending relationship because she is afraid to have a long term relationship, love, family thoughts of longevity together she doesn’t want a deep connection that could go wrong like she felt when her mother died- referred to as the cereal deserter - If she feels safe enough she can accept a relationship and commit long term but from longitudinal research she has created a longitudinal base emotional- she feels confident because she built it her self- good education and job and job security – being paid well so she is financially stable, self efficacy standing secure and firm with great confidence at this point she will depart from the avoidance - The rational they give that if they leave or something that i am so secure it wont matter – very self contained - We hear them say we have their and they have other friends - Has a very interesting texture to her personality and outlook The secure daughter: - Research: glickfield impact of supportive, emotional, attentive caregiver - These daughters can and do go on to have stable relationship - Betty glickfield- see that there is evidence to them having secure attachements – her connection is why can they make attachments? She looks at 154motherless women and that 49% were married and 32% were in common law relationships or single and 14% were separated and divorce- she wants to know how they form relationships – she finds that the presence of consistence supportive and emotional attentive caregiver - She asks them about when their mother died she asks about there predictable variable – the girls say their fathers stepped in and was the consistence supportive caregiver he provided for her the emotional base that is so important – there are also other family members that step in but the father is most important - Historically their performance in school is good and their sports participation increasing and awards continues as well as friendships and relationships – they find their father in their partner Research page cowan: - High conflict vs low conflict families - She takes into consideration of death or other issue due to alchol or drug abuse but their fathers also didn’t help and are in adult positive relationships - When they look at the relationships now that came from high conflict families pair themselves with low conflict families and they support them - She learns and blossoms into being a fully functional relationship and they are good with their children and building that relationship and they find this is from the partner - There is something about a man coming from a low conflict family he brings it to the marriages and family he brings to tools and skills to be nurturing and to bui
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