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Geraldine Voros

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Feb 15/13 Masculine experience: - Domineering - Angry - Dictates - Knows everything - Arrogant - Out of touch with ones own feelings - Unwilling to show weakness - Ignores own mistakes or blames others - Feels superior Wholeness: - Creative - Relaxed - Invites - Curious - Attentive - Draws self wisdom from feelings - Flexible - Learns from mistakes - Feels equal Feminine experiences: - Victimized - Depressed - Begs or schemes - Knows nothing - Shut down, numb - Overwhelmed by ones own feelings - Unwilling to show strength - Makes excuses or obsesses about mistakes - Feels inferior - Shes saying in terms of this patriarchy where we emphasise being male and we need to compensate being female and he needs to dominate and therefore who does he dominate? The women - Masculinity to exist femininity has to exist they compliment - In society is the media portrays male or female as the extreme instead of the middle which is more realistic - Polarization- the sterotype that we mutilate ourselves to these two points, but really the two points are more associated with males then females and the less deseriable traits are associated with females and so her argument being in control and in power is asserted with men not women- when she examines this when you take a look at this the women are suppressing themselves and are being less then they can be - Girls with present as convident and assertive and are tomboyish in nature are accepted to participate as equal to male- she says this is because imitation is like flattery that acting like a male is seen the best in society - Looking at gender roles there seens to be this playing of the gender mask. Females are less of what they should be and more what society says they should be.And when they do this it pushes males into more of the trazan role - Stinam and fifer agrees being part of the false persona lowers your self esteem, they feel that deep down you know you can be better - Really if you take a look low self esteem is grestest barrier to intimacy, you are afraid to let yourself be seen and know as your true self because they may not like you for you because you has a fake persona - Men are also afraid that women will find out they do have feels, and they fortify the male persona and they wont let people get close so they don’t know who they really are - Jealous- the more incomplete we are if we play to these extremeness and are less of our selves we become obsessed with owning someone else – every women fears other women because we think they may have qualities that our men might like. When we are at these extremins violence can come into play- an attractive female you may attract other men who are strong or that the women might tbe attracted to a stronger male - The fact that men will control- they do not use their words this is what causes domestic violence patriarchy involves violence or the tret of violence - Romance is a temporary reward in this game that we play, romance doesn’t permit the appropriate egalitarian relationship that we need. It arrests the need to rethink these sterotypes and want better - This template does fit for gay relationships as well - We have put men and boys in a straight jacket of feelings and notions of what they are suppose to be - The idea that when you live like this you become obsessed with the opposite sex- when you look at murders the majority is females being murdered by loved ones- why? What did she do to warent that response? Is it the testosterone levels doing it? Research tells us that men don’t want to lose they are competitive
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