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Women & Family – Feb 25 Social & Sexual Pairing (Continuation) The Intimacy – Commitment Spiral - With increased degrees of commitment there is increased degrees of intimacy - Becomes important when we begin to take a look at how relationships are built - Negotiation takes place and the formulation of a relationship begins - Bargain/exchange goes on – cost/benefit of thins to you (is it a risk/sure move?) - Skills & tactics how to negotiate o Principle of least interest – who is most powerful Contemporary Patterns - Post liberalization period - Central date is not the focus of encounter o Don’t have to have a formal phone up process o Pre-selecting of an activity is no longer necessary – more spontaneous and less structured o Many group dates occur - Much more liberal policy towards intimacy - Women have become more liberal minded in terms of partnerships - Sense of commitment that matches the understood degree of intimacy - Instead of “going steady”, we see people may choose to live together without marrying and choosing to spend time doing this before deciding on marriage or not getting married and living common law - Expectation is that individuals will live together for a period of time before they enter in a serious marital partnership - When we take a look at the negotiation of order and the place of intimacy within it, if they are looking for intimacy without being married – “friends with benefits” type of idea - More flexible and casual relations today – many friends with benefits couples Identifying Six Main Positions on the Issue of Sexuality 1. No Sexual Preference i) Inexperienced Virgins a. Lack dating experience b. Feel very close to their families and to a religious upbringing c. Not developed strong opinions of their own d. Living a script written by others as to how they would deal with intimacy ii) Adamant Virgins a. Young women who are committed to chastity – part of their value system – believe it should be saved for marriage b. Religious and family values support this view - shift in language; something she has internalized c. Own personal conviction d. Very comfortable Women & Family – Feb 25 iii) Potential Non Virgins a. No moral reservations of sex before marriage b. Right person, right circumstances c. Clear and comfortable with the liberating conditions and would be willing to negotiate this intimacy with someone they thought worthwhile 2. Sexual Preference i) Committed Non Virgins a. Individual who is solely committed to one relationship and one person in this relationship – only sexual experience b. This is a relationship that is totally dedicated to and committed to by the individual c. Justification – exclusive and loving relationship d. May or may not be living common law, but there is a strong bond between the two partners – sense of loyalty and respect ii) Liberated Non Virgins a.
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