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Social Sciences
Geraldine Voros

Women & Family – Feb 27 Shifts in Beliefs • 1960’s o Hippie movement, conservative to liberal • 1970’s o Relationships widen • 1980’s o Levels for sexual activity have not hanged very much for either males or females (Canadian) o AIDS awareness started o Women who had a shift to liberalization stay liberal compared to American women and their view of men the master of the house • 1990’s • 2000-2010’s Shifts in Beliefs Begin (Research by King, Balswick, Robinson 1977) • HIPPE MOVEMENT; shifted mindset of relationships between men and women • 1965, say pre-marital sex immoral o 33% males, 70% females • 1975, say pre-marital sex immoral o 19% males, 21% females • Strong value in chastity especially among women in 1965 • Man’s privilege to ask, women’s duty to deny • Look at shift in bible belt, done in the most conservative area in the US • Big shift in women’s belief in 1975; double standard that existed earlier has no change, women and men are much closer to their beliefs • Prior to hippie movement, 18 month paradigm relationships • Post hippie movement, no 18 month paradigm, open to interpretation (Research by Jessor & Jessor 1975 University of Colorado) Freshmen 1970 46% Males 51% Females Sophomore 1971 65% Males 70% Females Junior 1972 74% Males 80% Females Seniors 1973 82% Males 85% Females Say they had previous experience with intercourse • There is a pattern of liberalization in university, come in conservative and leave more liberal • Openly admit they have become more liberal in their path in life • 3 and 4 year place greater value in independence; separation of family and independent thinkers Women & Family – Feb 27 • In terms of women, still put strong emphasis on affection; relationship is a love relationship. But men just see a relationship as a relationship • Criticism of the social order, permission for young people to think out of the box, intense conversations taking place; critical thinking aspect improves • Peers become as if not equally important to family; reference group is shifting (parents are important still) Courtship Status • A generation ago: men vs. women – the 50’s • Periods of change: 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 2000-2010 • New morality between men and women (women want love relationship, men want relationship) • New version of an old pattern Love • Mutual attraction: emotional commitment Process • Does behavior change and then the attitude or vice versa: the 70’s-2010’s • There is still a disconnect of behavior and belief in terms of building relationships • 20% of the students in the university had premarital sex but didn’t approve of it, probably due to peer pressure • People have b
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