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Geraldine Voros

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Women & Family – Mar 27 In Silence the Strands Unravel Page Three - Oppression is the absence of choice - In choosing Mr. Right (Lionel), Jessica lost the freedom of choice because he dictated how her life was going to be Page Four - Found insult in the fact that he was not supportive of her work - Her choices are limited - His way or the high way - She could have resisted, but she didn’t - You get what you’re willing to accept – OPHRAH WINFREY - She quit her career and supported her husband for 25 years, and this is how he repaid her – he was unsupportive and cruel - She sought to reaffirm self hood and as she does, Lionel see’s it as a competition and it begins to tear at the fabric of their relationship Page Five - Issue of communication - He would not talk with her, and when he did he always yelled and talked down to her with hostility - Her friend Ruth has sent a letter when she confides that she has also been owned and controlled by her husband Milton o Her husband is cheating on her and having an affair Page Thirteen - Lionel left Jessica on their anniversary and went away to a conference, leaving no phone number or hotel name Page Fourteen - I
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