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Geraldine Voros

Women & Family – March 13 Parenting Children by Choice - People who are having children because they WANT them - Small selfish component to our psyche’s as to why people want children Why are children wanted? - Personal Power o Children give parents an element of power – power over their children o Also gives the man more power because his wife & future children are now dependent on him o Increase in political & economic power – alliances can be built marrying children off to other children * dynasty increase (usually royal families, or wealthy families) - Personal Competence o Speaks biologically to the desire to have children o Fertility or infertility can be an issue; children offer proof of personal competence biologically speaking (“I am complete, I can procreate”) - Personal Extension o Speaks to essence of immortality; these children become a personal extension of you and they are there after you pass on, and so you have created this potential lineage for the future o Children born into families are looked at for common qualities between them and their parents (“You laugh like your mother”, etc.) - Personal Status o Social achievement – relates to personal competence as well o “I am a good citizen, I kept civilization going, as I have reproduced, I have achieved” o Personal status of being a good citizen and doing your duty - Personal Experience o Intrinsic values – when we have children, we anticipate that it will be rewarding and you wonder how the child will turn out o You support, facilitate, and mentor this children o If there are any bumps in the road & unfilled dreams, you are prepared to see that your child can manage life and try to smooth the road out for them o Live vicariously through your children - Personal Pleasure o Personally fulfilling elements o The fact that we love and are loved, that we wanted this child and this child cares to be a part of the family, enjoying the happy times and working through the sorrowful times o On balance, knowing that we’re a family *DISCLAIMER:ALL PARENTS FAILTO SOME EXTENT* - Parental Effectiveness Women & Family – March 13 o There is no single correct way to raise children o If children feel as though they are wanted, that is effective and if they feel as though they are respected, and if they feel they are appreciated, these elements will give a child a strong sense of security o If children are secure, they are very flexible and resilient  These children will not be the bullies, or discriminatory; they will be the ones who are inclusive in their interaction with other children o It is importa
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