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Social Sciences
Geraldine Voros

Women & Family – April 3 PHIPHER TEXT Chapter Eight - If we have young women, they need mentorship and facilitation - At-risk girls can be saved by thoughtfulness of others - If you invest in her, the dividends that come back are incredible - Cindy – daughter of alcoholic parents still had baby teeth at age of 14 (lack of loving parents stalled her growth) - Immediate vs. long term gratification o Sometimes we need to shoot for the long term gratification over immediate because immediate does not always last for as long as we’d like - Instant/immediate gratification – “Tim Horton’s drive thru analogy” – unrealistic picture of how we live our lives o Not everything comes easy, there are many detours and stress that send us everywhere - We need to release stress sometimes Chapter Nine - Process of ‘cutting’ o Psychic pain that has turned inwards o I’ll hurt myself before society/culture will hurt me o If I do it first, I will have gotten over the trauma that something has happened o Feeling the relief that the trauma is somehow leaving - Eating disorders o Encouraged to be thin (or look thinner) in the media o Bulemia – stress of over eating and purging – relief of throwing everything up sometimes feels good o Anorexia – over socialization of women and the fact that we have to be people pleasers o The use of language and words sometimes adds to the eating disorders – “sweetie, sugar, honey” - Sexual abuse can start over-eating – food creates a form of protection o Sometimes girls who have been sexually abused will eat a lot to gain weight to hopefully become ‘unattractive’ to the abuser - Appearance is most important to many women - Why is there an emphasis on appearance? Women & Family – April 3 o Moved from small communit
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