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Geraldine Voros

Women & Family – April 10 Breaking the Glass Slipper: Structure vs. Process Finding our Own Way - When we’re discovering our personal meanings in our every day lives and family stories, we look to the contextualization of our families and evaluate what is good - As women, and as we develop, we might change our stories and our chapter will be different from our mothers - We look futuristically as well and maybe choose to partner & bring children into that partnership - Using what works for us helps to find our own way, and whether we accept or reject our families lessons, they still play an important part o Rejecting: negative legacy - We look beyond our family and see what it is that we need in our lives - Take our own risks and make new traditions to create our own legacy to pass down - Whether our children accept our reject our legacy is their decision - It is necessary sometimes to rewrite our legacy – redefine (or even define for the first time) our north star - We need to know we are free to put to rest what we cannot or do not want to use - Sometimes because we are so used to being good girls, it is hard to find the courage to say that we do not want that legacy - A survivor will not permit themselves to be victimized by the guilt - A survivor does change o That is what differentiates them from being a victim in life o Survivor learns to swim o Victim doesn’t – either they drown in sadness/remorse or they find a life jacket that they are willing to compromise their integrity, dignity, and expectations, and hang on to that life jacket (like Jessica with Lionel)  The individual who looks for the life jacket continues to bob around in the sea of life with unfulfilled dreams  The individual with the resilience learns how to swim and they don’t need a life jacket Women & Family – April 10 Changing Our Legacies - For women, it is difficult to change our legacy -
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