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Lecture 3

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Social Sciences
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David Penner

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Family and daughters An already made world -this is the life of daughters -expectations and understandings of what to be -you have to fit into in -freedom = choosing from range of possibilities -live in a world constructed with understandings of what things mean, what gender means -enact the roles = happiness = belief your choice -suspicious of choices offered = saddened = special humanity = of individual does not mean more in this world = understandings fought in society and in self -claim idea that you are born into a world is not very shocking to many of us -knowing you live in a world that has already been constructed with certain understandings of what things mean, what things are important, valued, cherished, and what gender means, what being a girl means, or being a boy means -we are aware at a fairy early age of these -our response to live in a world that is not free to make what we will, rather to accept or reject certain understandings -gives us choices 1) many of us simply obey, enact the roles the world ask of us -never necessarily see them as roles forced upon us -make our movements slowly and naturally into what is expected of us -measure of some happiness -come to believe that the way you do things, and the things you want to do come from your own imagination, own mind -can think you are the person who has drafted and crafted your identity in your direction -fact you want to be a school teacher or nurse, can think that this is what you've decided on your own -mixture of both sorts of people 2) other people are suspicious of the choices society has given us -find it very hard to satisfy the demands or request made upon by society -don't really particularly fit those mainstream understandings -ache for something more in life than what society offers them -become saddened their special humanity, uniqueness, does not actually mean that much in this world of ours -spend their lives fighting and rejecting these understandings, constructions, roles and models -fight them to find their own selves -making of world, pre made for all of us before we got here, goes a lot deeper than just a social system we can identify Investigation -making of world is deeper than the things we see and ideas we hear -it is inside of us -the "i" is the other -core is you, but is outside language, only seen by other people -it cannot be looked for, and if it is you are investigating and you are not in that -you can live purely, but cannot know it as such -investigative aspect = world -very difficult to be able to say to yourself ever this is what i think and this is what i think without influence from the world that i live in -very difficult to know where you truly are and what is influence of the world upon you -what you are comes in some part from other people and forces, that you either accept or grackle with -tremendously difficult and disturbing to many of us -something unique, idiosyncraciously special -in each of our cores -difficult to know where social influence in me stops, and where the true me begins -many of us, as daughters, have shaped us Shaping -daughters to fathers and mothers, this relationship has shaped you -not all the same -same in that we have been touched by the relationship(s) -also touched by media and culture of society you live in -images : enticing and derogatory - of what it is to be a female -you : soak it up, and turn it away -this impacts the formation of your undnerstanding, both are reactions / responses to the culture you live in -shaped and touched by a lot of things, especially the media and popular culture -have been raised in age of britney spears, jennifer lopez, in way women in generation before us was raised by madonna -entering age where we are concerned by girls being raised by miley cyrus, and rhianna, and lady gaga -media has constantly presented us with very inticing, and derogatory images of being female -soaked them all up even when we are pushing these images away -natural occurrence it seems in the way we come of age -both have an impact on our understanding of what it is to be a girl, and accordingly a woman -both are reactions, acceptances, or rebellions to the culture we live in Parenting -very easy to blame parents for that which does not feel quite right about you -metaphorical parenting connected to the way of being parented -knee jerk reactions = similar to how one was raised -you can think and reflect, and reject or accept these things -blame parents = true, however impossible to not screw up your children -due to = not noticing who your child is before world sees them -if you have things to impose onto your child, i.e. values, they may reject these and thus reject you -if you have values you want your child to have, they can either accept, or rebel against every single one of them -may reject all of this as impositions, or as wrong, and they will also reject you as a parent -dynamic of parenting can go in a number of different ways -there is a chance the child or you will reject all of those things because they do not fit with the unique thing you have felt yourself -strive and struggle to find some identity in this world -carve out new values on your own Themes 1. Mother and daughter relationships if they were not burdened by unreal expectations -what would they be like? 2. Are mothers worse mothers if they stay at home with their children and does this offend you? 3. Following the theories of Freud there is the pronouncement that girls live in the exotic and erotic shadow of their fathers and this has a profound effect on their ability to have relationships and to live -to live and be alive in their own selves -if you raise your child with the intent they have an erotic affection for living, be alive and excited to live
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