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January 17, 2012 Second wave feminism • Without second wave feminism where would you be? • At your present age and younger you would find yourself married, with child, with household duties and not much else • This would be your life, and your expected joy • Days consist of: meal preparation, husband preparation, house preparation, and beauty preparation • Make your husband shine • If your husband makes a lot of money you would go out for dinner, or to the movies and so on • Or you would be making his friends dinner and planning other events • You would make him shine and you may be bored but this is what you thought you were suppose to be doing • You would be told by other people in the community that if you didn’t you were being selfish and you should be lucky that you have this life • You should not complain because you are being taken care of The view of this self • You may feel bored in this limited, subservient life • This feeling would be dismissed, judged and pushed asie • Due to guilt, duty, and a need for survival • You have no income, you have very limited options, and you have strong social and cultural confinements • You definitely do not want to become “that woman down the street, who just got divorced” the dangerous female, who did something about her unsatisfactory life • Unless you were getting seriously beaten you had to deal with your marriage • Whatever your parents said you had no money to get out of the marriage • The social pressure would tell you to stay in that marriage • Like millions of the other women you would likely stay put • Over the years you would become depressed and start drinking during the day more often Coping and hoping • You would cope in this way, as most women in north America would • Drinking, fantasizing and imaginations • Hoping and pretending you were different, in a different life • Using drinks, gifts and vacations as illusion of happiness • Because of the revolution things have drastically changed • Our societies are not as patriarchal as they use to be • We live in a culture that still thinks of women as sexual objects • Yes, we have women in political offices and working all fields of the economy and in universities but, looking at the other side its not accurate Patriarchy still remains • Our culture views women sexually, perhaps more so than it previously did • Prestigious disciplines such as medicine, engineering and harder sciences belong mostly still to men, the jobs that fuel and further economy • Majority of the heads of state are men • Largest technological force of today is the internet. This displays and sells women as sexual toys in various and constant ways, to men • The things our internet provides us degrading of women • All sites are normally targeted for men where they are selling women Dangerous • We think and believe we are past patriarchy • “women are free and equal: Tree of feminism today • It is no longer growing • We keep an image of a healthy green tree, and believe it so. This tree is unreal. It is plastic • The women of the roots of this tree such as: Betty Friedan, Kate Millet, Simone De Beauvoir, Susan B Anthony and Angela Davis are unknown and forgotten • The important men of our history such as Martin Luther King are remembered • Our women are not a force of remembrance and growth in these ways • Why are women buried in history? Fight or time? • People believe there is a need either to fight for change, or that naturally within the proper time and place change will occur • The history of feminism suggests without revolution and the fight of the women united this may not have happened • However, certain historical events did contribute to make the partial emancipation of women possible • Many people believe that societies move forward naturally and injustices naturally start correcting themselves • If there is something wrong with society it will slowly be pointed out and addressed by society • This history suggests that the history of feminism; without revolution none of these things would happen • The developments of feminism were possible because of other historical events Article: WW2 • Men under 30 were off to war • Society and industry was left to women • Jobs were readily available to women, at a lower pay • European countries overtaken by the German army had women in serious roles underground resisting tyrannical rule • This was an important education for women. Resist oppression • Mostly for women the second world way provided an increase in jobs and this created a new possibility for women • However, during the second war they earned less money than men had • This was explained as understandable because they were not the same sort of workers • As soon as the men returned the jobs would disappear Fears • During difficult times, society changed its views on women’s help and participation • Fear grew during times of the depression, and men did not want women to have a taste for working • Get them back at home with the babies and the house, leave the jobs for the men • 13 percent of people thought that women should not work during the war • During the depression 80 percent of people thought women should not work • When times are tough all the rules of what a women should or should not do get changed • But once these women started working they did not have a taste for being a housewife • They might not want to have kids • Unions wanted still wanted employees to pay union dues so they helped women but they knew they would get the dues out of them • The helped them get jobs • The result of unions was a creation of day cares and maternity leaves • All of this union support provided women with more income thu
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