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McMaster University
Social Work
Sandra Preston

Day 1 January 7/2013 Social Work 1A06 Racism Identity: Who is “Canadian”? - When asking “where are you from” it is already a preconceived racist opinion How do we define culture? - Foods, traditional dress, accent, religion and how it is expressed, music, sports, ceremonies, rituals, dance - When we talk about culture we often don’t talk about thoughts and history and behaviour and family and the things that make up who we are, instead we look at the surface. - When we have multicultural events, we stick to the surface, we don’t interact and talk and think about what makes a specific culture Multiculturalism - Anything that is not mainstream - When we talk about multiculturalism we are not really talking and truly understanding and integrating the different ways of being in the world - This becomes evident when you talk to people who are from marginalized culture groups o Often people have a public and private identity (See below) Public vs. Private Identity How is Racism enacted? - By developing and using what we see as the norm What is the norm? - Normal is often used to described those who have privilege and power - Anyone who is outside of the “norm” is seen as someone with less privilege and power who it is appropriate to oppress - This norm is shifting all the time - This is not a category that is set in stone or something that is natural How do we decide where we fit? - We tend to struggle with our own privilege and our own oppression What images do we see of race? - Often in the media Day 1
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