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Social Work
Sandra Preston

March 11/2013 Social Work 1A06 Gender and Sexism Gender as a Continuum What is Gender? - Socially constructed category - First order physical characteristics - Second order physical characteristics - Third order physical characteristics - Hormones - Emotional and intellectual characteristics Sexism - Oppression based on a person’s perceived gender. Male behaviours and characteristics are generally perceived to be more valuable. Women are expected to fulfill particular roles which often disadvantage them Voice - In a mixed group women are less likely to talk, more likely to be interrupted and less likely to start new topics - In new topics, boys receive more attention and are called on more frequently - Women are less likely to write for newspapers - Women are also less likely to write for influential magazines Freedom - How are women’s lives bounded by gender? o Dress and appearance o Bodily integrity o Movement and space o Violence - How are men’s lives bounded by gender? o Dress o Violence o Expression of emotion Heterosexism or Women and Relationships - Compulsory Heterosexuality - The myth of Romance - The tyranny of relationships - Rigid definitions of family March 11/2013 Access to Power - Women hold only 16.1% of the seats on the boards of Fortune 500 companies and made up 14.1% of the top executive officers (Catalyst 2011) - Women are only 5.2% of the top earners - We have only had one female prime minister Attitudes towards Women and Work - Traditional views - Public Labour vs. Private Labour - Different types of domestic labour - Motherhood The Wage Gap - Different ways to measure wage gaps - Work for a year – 64.9% - Full-time, full year – 71.4% Hourly Wage Males Females Ratio All employees 25.91 22.00 0.849 Employees with union Total employees coverage 26.96 25.28 0.937 Employees without 25.42 20.18 0.794 union coverage Women in the Workforce - In 2009, 58.3% of all women aged 15 and over wer
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