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Social Work
Sandra Preston

Sept 15, 2011 Power and Social Justice What would a socially just society look like?  Food  Education  No discrimination  Equal opportunities Robet Mullaly  A society may be evaluated as just to the degree that it contains and supports the inistitutional conditions necessary for the promotion of the universal value that everyone is of equal intrinsic worth. A socially just world; what is in the way of making that happen?  Government  Attitudes  Impartiality  Leaders  Stigma  Greed Opression Refers to inhuman/or degrading treatment of individuals or groups brought about by the dominance of one group over another. It Is a process through which individuals or groups unjustly use their power to limit the lives, experiences and opportunities of others with less power” People get to the top by working hard! People at the bottom are working are hard as well but they don’t always manage to get to the top. They may be equally smart as well. Eg. Prof has more power over us but she doesn’t know more about everything i.e religions, languages  Hierarchy provide privileges Mechanisms of Oppression  Exploitation o Taking the resource, labour, self of others for your own gain o Students get paid less than other people  Encourages employers to hire students (theoretically)  Marginalization o You tell people they cant do particular things; cant live somewhere, or do something o Justify through oppression o Push them to the sides (margins)  Powerlessness o  Cultural imperialism o Assuming the way your society works is the best way o Social justice needs respect for looking at things different and living lives differently (opposite of cultural imperialism) o People would eat healthy food before fast food came out o Eg. Thinking Christmas is best and not giving opportunities or recognition or respect to ot
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