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Social Work
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Sexism  prejudice and discrimination based on the persons sex  Women participation in the workforce o But not on equal terms o Less prestigious jobs o Income inferior o Patriarchal family and social relations o Gendered social roles  Policies to equal this out o Intact but don’t eliminate the household duties  Current problems o Women dominate poverty o Part time work  earn less o Minimum wage  large proportion of women are in the minimum wage o Maternity and parental leave  double duty, outside and inside home  This can be eliminated with EI where women can get more coverage during maternity but many women do not obtain EI o Dependent care  childcare is expensive and many single mothers are unable to rise from poverty with young children o Lack of pension programs in jobs for women  Sexism  female vs male o Socially constructed stereotypes of norms and jobs o Patriarchy  men are powerful, male dominance  Violence  men are economic powerful in a realtioship o Wife beating and abuse  women often do not react as they are dependant o Historically domestic violence was not left behinf closed doors  Sexual violence  sexual harassment vs. assault o Most cases are of women being victim o Women do not want to report as they are afraid  Feminization of poverty  popular in elder single women, single women, aboriginal women, immigrants, o Causes  low wage jobs, divorce and separation, home responsibilities  Voice  less likely to write for influencail magazines  Justice  more likely to get severe sentences for the same crime o Assaulting a women vs. assaulting a man  Power  o Pink collored jobs o Not top earners o Little presence in parliament
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