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Lecture 2

SOCWORK 1A06 Lecture 2: lecture 2 unpacking help

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Social Work

WEEK2 SOCWORK SEPT 13-LECTURE 2 Unpacking Help: representations of help socio political context= an individuals social and physical surroundings, the environment -the environment is influenced by culture history, politics and economics, and more -there are no neutral spaces GLOBALIZATION -encompasses a variety of social processes that range from economic integration of countries to one that considers the impact of economic global relations on social relationships from the cultural and institutional level of social system to the of everyday life practises -term that describes ways and impacts of counties people interacting and integrating (ex migration patterns) NEOLIBERALISM -Is in the first instance a theory of political economic practises that proposes that human well- being can best be advanced by liberating individual entrepreneurial freedoms and skills within an institutional framework characterized by strong private property rights, free mrkets and free trade. The role of the state is to create and preserve an COLONIALSM -a policy, a set of policies to achieve control over a minority, group or culture DISCRIMINATION -unfair treatment based on attitudes and beliefs -ex/ anti-black racism -ex/ageism -structural or individual **(what Is structural discrimination?) ** PATRIARCY -*PIC OF trump signing anti-abortion legislation* DEFILLIPIS, FISHER, & SHRAGGE 2010 -community development efforts tend to be influenced by the prevailing political-economic context. It is not determinative. -the social context interacts with the various models of help which impacts those defined as needing help based on their identity. WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE HELPFUL? -assisting someone in need -selfless work -recognizing people need help
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