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Lecture 5

SOCWORK 1A06 Lecture 5: contextualizing and questioning help lecture

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Social Work

**Write feedback yes on title page for critical literature review Lecture CONTEXTUALIZING QUESTIONING HELP Charity model- is it a helpful approach? Is it a necessary approach? Moral model? Who deserves help? Who is deserving and who is not? Medical- medicalization-when is it a medical issue? Is it even a problem at all? What happens when identities are medicalized? Social welfare-how does it reflect the historical and current contexts we find in charity, morality and medicalization? Who voice is reflected in social policy? Who is in the position of helper and who is in position of help? What is a social problem? -there is no definition = -but it typically involves these 4 common elements: 1.a social condition 2.involves a significant number of people 3.its considered undesirable 4.if we have a social problem, experienced by all these people and its undesirable then it has to be rectifiable, has to have a solution to it -social problems are SOCIALLY CONSTRUCTED -social problems are complex social constructs, there can be multiple definitions, interpretations and solutions, could be subjective, objective and ideological GUEST SPEAKER-Jeff Black-child welfare as a part of the social welfare/state sponsored model -Jeff worked for profit specialized treatment group home for male youth -then worked for not profit emergency shelter for families experiencing homelessness The first face of child welfare-MARRY ELLEN MCCORMACK -PRET 1873, girl adopted was mistreated and No clear legislation existed regarding the abuse or maltreatment of children -state had no formal role or jurisdiction over child welfare in any community so went to cruelty animal -American society for the prevention of cruelty to animals became involved; -this case ended up being successful, Mary Ellen was able to move into a new home with new family-for the first time in north American colonial history, we see from this case the welfare state assume responsibility in the area of child well-being and protection -1974: New York society for the prevention of cruelty to children -intake work is when he went to interview family and people and see if there is harm being involved, see if case is open or close. If things are going to take longer than 2 months than it turns into family services -read up on residential school and child welfare what is a social problem -review from other lecture social problems require: a collective set of values, awareness of the condition, and sufficient power to act complexity vs complicated social problems are complex complex problems:
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