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Lecture 2

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Social Work
Sandra Preston

1thSocial Work 1A06 Intro to Social Work Sept 17 2012 Lecture 2 Understanding Social Problems What is a Social ProblemSocial problems threaten human habitation create difficulties for peopleIs a problem that a significant group of people or a group of sig people has defined as a social problem Views on Origins of Social ProbsIndividualistic o They are lacking something or are doing something that has creating their difficultySocial Structureso How social structs impact peopleThe way society is structured creates problems for certain groupsPeople end up with issues not because of who they are but because of how we organize our societyFate o Bad things just happen to some people How do we solve social problemsJob of social workers is to facilitate the solving of social problemsSocial workers argue that one of the main ways we solve soc probs is with a movement towards social justice o The way we do that is to address some of the struct inequalities in our soc o Most soc works argue that social probs are a result of social structsSometimes its because of individual choices as well and sometimes fate but social struct is the main one o SJ one of the core values of SW Canadian Social Work Code of Ethics value 2Social workers believe in the obligation of people individually and collectively to provide resources services and opportunities for the overall benefit of humanity and to afford them protection from harm Social workers promote social fairness and the equitable distribution of resources and act to reduce barriers and expand choice for all persons with special regard for those who are marginalized disadvantaged vulnerable andor have exceptional needs Social workers oppose prejudice and discrimination against any person or group of persons on any grounds and specifically challenge views and actions that stereotype particular persons or groupsPrinciples
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