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Lecture 14

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Social Work
Sandra Preston

1 th Social Work 1A06: Introduction to Social Work January 14 2013 Lecture 14: Racism in the Global Context Notes th - Deferred exam is January 25 1-3pm KTH 308 - Extra content has been posted – next quiz January 28th - Bonus Assignment – Discussion Groups o Info on Avenue o OR Extra: Student Activist Panel and Discussion th  On January 28  Go and write a reflection for bonus marks  2 pages, double spaced for 10% o Can only do one of the 3 - Reading for this week o Confusing because there wasn’t an ending page o Intention was that you were to read the entire article, but it was not clear Racism in the Global Context - Racism in our country has impacts on the rest of the world and vice versa - Individual vs. Structural in the Canadian Context o Individual is influenced by structural and vice versa o Individual and structural are both influenced by ideology and ideas of race and culture o All happening in a global context - Important concepts o Ethnocentrism  Having no other perspective but your own  E.g. seeing other cultures as uncivilized  Thinking that your understanding of the world is THE understanding of the world  That the way you think about things or understand them is the only way to think about things or understand them  A central part of global racism  Allows you to devalue others and the way that they view the world o Cultural imperialism  Being ethnocentric and imposing your culture on others  Your culture is the only proper way to be so you must “convert” everyone else to adopt your culture o Colonialism  Giving the “gift” of your culture to other cultures  If they don’t want that gift, too bad they get it anyway 2  Taking over other cults/people for the purposes of exploitation - HIV/AIDs epidemic in Africa o Why do so many people refer to Africa as a country instead of a continent?  Ignoring the different countries/cultures  Ethnocentrism o The way we’ve addressed HIV/AIDs in Africa vs. the way we have addressed it in N America is very different  Can be argued it is due to racism  The impact of colonialism  The capacity of various African countries to address this issues has been affected by colonialism  The new face of cultural imperialism and colonialism: o International Monetary Fund & the World Bank  IMF was created to oversee the economic health of the world (Western Euro nations and N. Amer)  Other countires have been included in this process as they become bigger players in the world economic market  World Bank is used as another way to manage the world economy  These 2 started giving loans to countries seen as less developed & struggling with poverty due to break down of traditional system of management  Cultural Imperialism/Colonialism – take control of resources and destroy traditional social structure/form of gov’t/justice system etc. and impose your own form of social structure/gov’t etc. etc.  After some time, decide not to be colonial anymore for whatever reason, and withdraw – taking the people you have placed to run the gov’t/social structure etc. with you o Leads to chaos  Then blame those countries for being disrupted/unstable   AIDS in Africa  Botswana o Colonialized  But, didn’t have much resources so it was left a lot alone 3  Not very disrupted o No debt to IMF or WB o Very high HIV rate – because very close to S Africa and a lot of migrant workers move back and forth  BUT because they have been able to maintain good social structure (due to being left alone in terms of traditional gov’t – untouched by colonialism) the care for HIV is very good  Kenya o Colonialized  Very disrupted o Owes WB 6.8 Billion dollars  Therefore, asked to reduce the amount they spend on social services (e.g. hospital service)  Therefore, even though Kenya has a low rate of infection, it is hard to get good healthcare HIV- wise  Angola o Colonialized  Only achieved independence in the 70s, been politically unstable ever since o Owe WB billions  Spend more on debt than on health o Low HIV rates because borders closed but there is only one hospital in entire country  Therefore, low rate of care  High infant mortality rate  Above is to note relationship btw. Colonialism & the capacity of a country to deal with a health crisis and how that is worsened by the debt they owe to the WB or IMF o Colonialism means difficult for a country to establish care for its citizens  Made more difficult by debt to WB or IMF - Racism and Immigration in Canada o Difference between Refugee vs. Immigrant  Refugees  Canada has signed the UN Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees o Canada will take in people who find themselves in circumstances that have been defined by this convention as 4 “unliveable” based on a well-founded fear or persecution based on  Race  Religion  Political opinion  Nationality  Memebership in a certain social group (e.g. women or lgbt)  Rules o There is a cap – we only accept certain amounts o Have to proof you deserve refugee status – can be very difficult o At certain times it is easier to receive refugee status than at other times – e.g. war time vs. non-war time  Person in Need of Protection o Someone in Canada whose removal back to their home country
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