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Lecture 15

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Social Work
Sandra Preston

1 Social Work 1A06: Introduction to Social Work January 21 2013 Lecture 15: The French Canadian Experience Notes: - Next tutorial assignment o Find someone in your life, preferably over 65, if not then the oldest person you know o Ask them the given questions (can ask others if you like) and bring your answers to next tutorial The French Canadian Experience Invisibility and Ignorance - “Bilingualism” o Are considered a bilingual country, but always sort of sideline French Canada o 1/3 of Canada’s pop are French speaking  22% of Canadians have French as their first language  40% of Quebecers speak only French  2.5 million of these people live outside of Quebec  1.4 million in Ontario o Mandated at the federal level, but not the provincial level  Except in New Brunswick, where it is mandated at the provincial level  450 000 French speakers in NB o Issue is that it is more about the Quebecois speaking English than Anglophones speaking French - Lack of Knowledge o Don’t know a lot about Quebec/Francophones, and don’t seem to care that we don’t know - Lack of Information in: o School curriculum  Not a lot about Quebec history/culture in English school, more in French immersion o University curriculum  Lacks content o Media coverage  Spotty at best  Student uprisings in Montreal – not very well explained or explored in English media o Culture History: Overview 2 - Oppression the Francophones experience in Canada due to racism o Although we now identify racism as based on skin colour, language has also been an element - Continuous conflict between French and English speaking groups both within and outside Quebec - Provincial rights are seen as a way to protect the existence of French speaking minority o Reading: Turner: Reality that we had to incorporate French-Canadian culture into the Anglophone culture prepared us for incorporating other minorities – led us to being better at being a multicultural country o Reason we have these rights for Francophones are because of the place that Quebec held in the creation of Canada o Quebec understands themselves as a minority in Canada – historically one that has been oppressed and exploited - Sparking points o 1837 Rebellion  Attempt to make Quebec an independent country  Quashed very viciously by the British o Confederation  Arguments over what place Quebec would have in our country  Lots of compromises o The Great Depression  Became very obvious where the resources were going (Anglophones) o Conscription  Quebec not in support of either of the World Wars, therefore not in support of conscription o The Welfare State  The development of the welfare state was due to the Federal gov’t  Family allowances, healthcare etc.  Quebec often saw those kind of over-arching federal programs as a threat o As a way to assimilate Quebec into Canada – into English speaking culture and way of life “Racism” and French Canadians - Control of resources and employment in Quebec by British, English-speaking minority o Underlies separatism  Had to be English speaking to move up in employment opportunities, even in Quebec 
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